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The Ethi platform lets you see how companies track, profile and target you and your friends, and the risks your data poses.

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Delete what you don't want them to keep

FaceErase helps you delete the Facebook data that you no longer want them to keep, 10x faster than doing it yourself.

Clean up your tracks

Unlock the power of your data for yourself

Use your data to get tab management superpowers while surfing the web. Supersurfer helps you manage information overload online.

Experience the Superweb
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Takes something so messy and complex and makes it easy.

Justin Bluel

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I was shocked when I found out how many companies have my data.

Victoria Duben

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We don't use your data for anything other than serving you the products you use.

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Our business model is simple, and keeps our interests aligned with yours.
You pay us to use Ethi. That's it! No ads, no shady data deals. And you can try it for free.

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The team

😊 Say hi! We're the humans building Ethi 😊

Oscar King
Oscar King

Oscar is a hard-tech wizard, who worked on cutting edge research in privacy-preserving algorithms while getting a 1st class MEng in Computer Science (specialising in Machine Learning) at UCL.

Michael Jelly
Michael Jelly

Mike loves solving hard problems and tech that empowers people. Mike didn't code when Ethi started, but now is our front-end dev! A long way from Philosophy, Politics and Economics!

We're building the personal data OS to empower you to understand, control and use your data.
The future will be shaped by whoever controls our data. Help us make sure it's you!

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