The free and secure tool to analyse your facebook data.

Understand your personality, security, and mood from your data. Think of it as a "digital mirror".

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Discover your data with ethi

Your data is the digital representation of you. You should know more about it!
Read about the features we're building for you to discover what it says.
Who's targeting you?

All the companies who are using your personal information to target you on Facebook.


The things you write and like on Facebook can put through a sentiment analyser to allow you to track your mood over time.


An analysis of your personality and interests from your Facebook comments using IBM's a personality analysis API.

Your activity, tracked!

Every Like, Reaction and Comment you've ever made on Facebook. Your Daily pattern and averages for Day, Week and Month.

Your Social Network

See how your closest people (number of interactions) change over time and when you were making the most friends .

Login locations

Everywhere you have ever logged into Facebook, put on a map by Geolocating the IP address you connected with.

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About ethi - and data security

We're developing a tool to allow you to find out more about your online life than ever before.

But aren't you worried we're going to steal all your data?

We're not just going to promise really really hard that we won't, we're figuring out a way to release our architecture and some code.

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The future will be shaped by whoever controls our data.
The first step to controlling your personal data is to understand it.
Our mission is to help you do that!
Oscar King

Oscar is a final year MEng Computer Science student specialising in Machine Learning. Prior to co-founding ethi, he has worked with academics on cutting edge research in privacy-preserving algorithms.

Michael Jelly

Mike loves coming up with ideas (that solve problems), and figuring out how to make them happen. He wants to build tech that gives us more control over our lives and our world. (BSc PPE @ UCL)

Alix Dumoulin
Data Science

Alix is an MSc Applied Social Data Science student at the London School of Economics. She is interested in data for good initiatives and was involved in a civic tech project before ethi.

George Punter

George is a first class MEng-ineer from Imperial deeply passionate about Ethics. He has experience working with ethical tech startups, and brings an operational understanding of how to build one.

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Our roadmap

Right now, we don't control our data. We barely understand it. What gets collected? What does it tell the companies?
We're going to help you find out, one step at a time.
We're building a personal data analysis platform to help you understand the data you give away.
We're calling it a "digital mirror", where you can see yourself as companies see you.
1   Facebook

The obvious place to start! You'll soon be able to upload and analyse your Facebook data to find out what Facebook knows about you!

2   Google etc.

Then we'll add Google data  analysis (and others), so that we can start giving you a fuller picture of who you are online.

3   Reclaim it

Every website you've ever used is collecting your data (hundreds)! It's impossible to reclaim data from all of them! We'll help.

4   Share

We'll make it so anyone can do analysis and share and discuss it on our platform. Community is key to getting long-term data rights!

The visualisation tool is just the start, we are working on a longer roadmap to see where the future of personal data might take us!

The internet is broken.

Our data is collected to addict us to content, to maximise the chance that we'll watch another puppy video, or click a gambling advert.

What if we changed all that? ethi is created around a vision of our data being used to create value for us, not for advertisers.

What a data broker collects about individuals

Ready to change the world?

Let’s build a future where personal data is controlled and understood by the humans who it belongs to.

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