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The Ethi Platform

The Ethi platform allows you to find out more about your online life than ever before.

Find out how Facebook tracks you across the world, across the internet, and collects 100s of interests to target you with ads.
Tracked across the world.
Tracked across the internet.
Hundreds of interests collected, to target you better.
It's time you found out what your data says about you.

How it works

Download your data

Request and download your data from Facebook, ready for you to analyse.

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Upload your data to Ethi, deselecting any files you don't want to upload.

Explore your data

Explore the analysis we've done that reveals what your data reveals about your life.

Your data reveals so much about your life that it's even a cybersecurity risk.

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What we're building

Your data is the digital representation of you.
Read about what we're building so that you can discover what it says.
Login locations

Everywhere you have ever logged into Facebook, put on a map by Geolocating the IP address you connected with.

Your Social Network

See how your closest people (number of interactions) change over time and when you were making the most friends.

Your activity, tracked!

Every Like, Reaction and Comment you've ever made on Facebook. Your Daily pattern and averages for Day, Week and Month.


An analysis of your personality and interests from your Facebook comments using IBM's a personality analysis API.


The things you write and like on Facebook can put through a sentiment analyser to allow you to track your mood over time.

Who's targeting you?

All the companies who are using your personal information to target you on Facebook.

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The Ethi platform is just the start, find out more about our vision of the future of personal data!

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At Ethi, we want to put individuals in control of their personal data, and help them use that data to transform their lives and the world.

The future will be shaped by whoever controls our data. Help us make sure it's you!
Oscar King

Before Ethi, Oscar worked with UCL academics on cutting edge research in privacy-preserving algorithms. He is a final year MEng Computer Science student specialising in Machine Learning.

Michael Jelly

Mike loves solving problems and creating amazing user experiences. He wants to build technology that gives individuals more control over their lives. Mike studied PPE at UCL with Alix.

Alix Dumoulin
Data Science

Alix loves data! She supports data for good initiatives and worked on a civic tech project before Ethi. She's studying an MSc in Applied Social Data Science at the London School of Economics.

George Punter

George is a first class MEng-ineer from Imperial who is passionate about technology ethics. His experience at ethical tech startups give him a great understanding of how to build one.

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The internet is broken.

Our data is collected to addict us to content.
It's used to maximise the chance that we'll watch another puppy video, or click a gambling advert.

We have a vision of our data being used to create value for us, not for advertisers.

Join us, to build a future where personal data benefits the humans who created it.

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