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85% of people are worried about how much social media knows about them.

Find out what they know about you, and delete what you no longer want them to keep.



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Discover the personal data companies collect about you.

Find out what Facebook knows about you and how they use it.
Your data reveals your personality, social life, and impacts your security.
It's time you found out what your data says about you.
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Our business model is simple. You pay us to use Ethi. That's it!
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Some things everyone deserves to know.

Find out how Facebook tracks you in real life, apps, and on the web - it's our contribution to the future we want to see.


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Join us to build a future where humans stay autonomous in an AI world. Everyone should be able to understand, control and use their data.


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We don't use your data for anything other than providing you with the Ethi service.

How it works

Download your data

Request and download your data in from Facebook, ready for you to analyse.

Guide to download in the right format

Upload it to Ethi

Upload your data to Ethi, deselecting any files you don't want to upload.

Your data is safe: we encrypt it in-browser before upload, and it's sent and stored encrypted.
It's not yet end-to-end encrypted - it's decrypted when being analysed. It's only used for you!
Read a summary of our Security, Privacy,ย and ToS

Explore your data

Explore the analysis we've done that reveals what your data reveals about your life.
Your data reveals so much about your life that it's even a cybersecurity risk.

Data you add to Ethi is only used to provide you with the Ethi Service.
We don't sell, share, or use this data for anything else.

We believe your data should only be used in ways that you clearly consent to, that benefit you.

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Delete what you no longer want them to keep!

FaceErase, our Chrome extension, makes it 100 times easier and faster to clean up your Facebook history. It helps you delete data you don't want Facebook to keep!

Clean up for Free

  • Your Posts
  • Wall Posts (on your wall) by other people

โ€Deep clean - for supporters
Get rid of anything embarrassing you've ever said or liked, and limit how much Facebook can target you!

  • Comments
  • Likes & Reactions
  • Ad interests
  • Off Facebook activity
  • Companies Targeting you
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At Ethi, we want to put individuals in control of their personal data, and help them use that data to transform their lives and the world.

The future will be shaped by whoever controls our data. Help us make sure it's you!
Oscar King

Oscar is a hard-tech wizard, who worked on cutting edge research in privacy-preserving algorithms while getting a 1st class MEng in Computer Science (specialising in Machine Learning) at UCL.

Michael Jelly

Mike loves solving hard problems and tech that empowers people. Mike didn't code when Ethi started, but now is our front-end dev! A long way from Philosophy, Politics and Economics!

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The internet is broken.

Our data is collected to addict us to content.
It's used to maximise the chance that we'll watch another puppy video, or click a gambling advert.
It can be used to infer if you're part of underrepresented groups and treat you differently because of it.
Our data should be used to create value for us, not for advertisers. It's part of our mission!
Join us to build a future where personal data benefits the humans who created it.

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