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EthiX can help speed you up, and avoid nasty pitfalls like writer's block!

Whether you write for work, fun or as a student, EthiX can help you with:


Bounce your ideas off an AI, and get creative alternatives. Prompt it with examples, request alternatives, ask questions or generate new ideas, the power is yours!


Ask EthiX to summarize your bullet points into an email, or your long ideas into a series of tweets or captions for your social media.

Insightful writing

Add context to your articles, blog content, and academic pieces through deep dives into specific topics as well as expanding on partially formed thoughts.

Creative writing

Supercharge your creative writing. EthiX can help with anything from poems to fiction, unique songs, and new catchy USPs or other marketing material for your company.

Walk through

You can extend or summarise existing pieces of writing, or use our prompts to generate completely new pieces.

Writing and editing has never been easier.

Prompt the AI

Extend or summarise existing writing, or use pre-created prompts to generate new content.

Pick the level of creativity or factuality of the content.

Enrich and automate editing

Write, prompt the AI to assist you, edit the response, and iterate until a perfect result.

Generate alternative responses to widen your horizons.

Manage your notes

Save your notes and the edit history, with accessible versioning and "branching" of notes from old notes.

Use fast search or semantic search to retrieve your content, including old iterations of notes.

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How does it work?
EthiX uses OpenAI's new language model, often called GPT-3. GPT-3 stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3, and is an AI language model with 175 billion parameters that generates human-like text. You can learn more about it here. It is widely considered the most advanced language model in the world.
Are you related to OpenAI?
No, Ethi is not part of OpenAI. We have been given access to the OpenAI API, released in June 2020 to allow companies like Ethi to harness the power of GPT-3 and allow the wider public to benefit from this technology.
How much is EthiX and can I try it for free?
You can try EthiX for free with a limit of 20 API calls. We offer a free trial period and two paid price tiers: a casual tier (£7.50/month for 100 API calls per day) and a pro tier (£15/month for 500 responses). You can get more details on pricing plans when you sign up here and go to your Plans & Billing page.
Which devices can I use ethiX with?
You can use it in your browser on any device! For now, desktop is the best experience. If you think we should focus on mobile or create an app, let us know!
How can I contact you?
Get in touch at Whether it's for troubleshooting, new features, or just to chat, we'd love to hear from you.
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